Make a move to the North Shore

 Let me share my Top Ten reasons, Why…


#10 The Quick Escape

Every time I drive back from Whistler or the Ferries, I catch myself looking at the automated traffic sign on the Upper Levels Highway that reports Lions Gate Bridge wait times, with a sigh of relief. I have never tabulated the time I save by driving right home instead of over the bridge at the end of those days, but I have definitely enjoyed many spontaneous ferry hopping and last minute powder days because I haven’t had to consider the bridge into my travel plans.

#9 Culture and the Arts

Culture, that’s one word that the North Shore usually lacks. But the arts community is changing. Presentation House has been approved to develop a gallery at the foot of Lonsdale Avenue. Reid Shier, director of Presentation House Gallery on the new design and home for the gallery “First and foremost we’re looking for something that’s going to be a lot more public, a lot more accessible, and a lot more inviting… a real architectural gem that people will make the trip across on the SeaBus to visit.” And for theatre, look to Centennial Theatre and Kay Meek Centre, host to most of the Arts Club Theatre shows, plus their own productions.
New Presentation Building in Lower Lonsdale

Presentation House plans for Lower Lonsdale

# 8  It’s only a bridge!

This is a very important point. Living on the North Shore, you must to remember, it is only a bridge. I frequently travel over ‘the bridge’ to downtown, Gastown, UBC, Aquarium and Science World. And when I am meeting friends from Vancouver, I am often the first one there! As any smart driver will remind you –  just plan your time and route before you go.

#7  Cuisine and an Evening Out

The District. We are a European inspired brasserie bringing good food, good drinks and good vibes to the people of North Vancouver.  Beach House Restaurant. Chef Nick Hrynkiw uses the freshest and finest ingredients to masterfully create seasonally focused menus, working with seafood purveyors to bring sustainable options. Paired to the distinctive cuisine, the award-winning wine list will delight the most refined palates. The North Shore offers a variety of casual and 4-course options to enjoy an evening of cuisine, and depending on your mood the district or Beach House are top choices. However, remember from #8 on the list, it is OK to drive back over the bridge! In fact my favourite spot to dine is Gastown, it can take only 10 min, which may be faster than from Vancouver Westside, to enjoy the eclectic mix of cuisine and city vibe.

#6  Community Schools

Are North Shore schools better?  I’d never claim that, however the North Shore school community is one to amaze you. I know more friends living in Vancouver that attend Private schools compared to on the North Shore – but that’s just my own quick stat and what does it prove?  North Shore kids walk, bike and scooter to schools set right in their neighbourhood and enjoy a depth of public education, including arts, music and physical education programs that offer all students an incredible well-rounded education for success. High schools rank high and offer exceptional educational programs that enrich and engage all student abilities and interests.
Community school in the heart of Edgemont Village

Community school in the heart of Edgemont Village

#5  All in the Family

I will not claim the North Shore is the best family community in the Lower Mainland, but I will claim it is the best community for our family, and countless others. There is an idea that once you have kids you buy a van and move to the North Shore, well that can’t be all right… but I do know many examples to back up the fact. It’s not that other communities aren’t family friendly – it’s just the North Shore is very family friendly. Schools, hikes, recreation facilities, sport leagues, larger streets, driveways, backyards, 5 bedroom homes! There’s nothing quite like seeing my kids with baseball bags on their backs, jumping on their bike to swing by their friends home before the group heads to the baseball park for a game. The North Shore offers great family living.

#4 Enjoy the Outdoors

Vancouver is one of the few cities in the world with a recreation background like the North Shore. No where else offers the ease to drop the kids after school to ski, take in a quick Grouse Grind before work, dog walk the Cleveland Dam, get thrills from Lynn Valley suspension bridge, or cool off from a hike in White Lake. No exercising excuses on the North Shore!
Grouse Mountain for skiing and hiking

Grouse Mountain for skiing and hiking

#3, #2 and #1  Dream Home or Tear Down!

I have to take up the Top 3 spots with this one claim, because in my conversations with people moving over to the North Shore, this seems to be the reoccurring theme, and the biggest impact on their decisions… worth the top 3 spots of why the North Shore is the best community!
Vancouver vs. North Shore

North Shore vs Vancouver, what money can buy

Left Photo:  North Shore $1,599,000 Sought after Sunnycrest in Edgemont Village. Fully renovated home with 11,300 sq ft lot featuring pool, views of downtown and all day sunshine. Right Photo: Vancouver $1,549,000 Bring your renovation ideas or build your dream home on this 4445 sq ft lot, located in the heart of Vancouver Westside. You don’t just live in your home, you live in a community. And moving isn’t only about the house, other lifestyle choices are important as well. But if you want to compare, well, take a look for yourself. Where do you want to relax, entertain and enjoy your days? So when lifestyle and investment are in question, what is your best move? I hope you agree, make a move to the North Shore. Sharman